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A frictionless payment experience

SEPA Direct Debit is a popular and standardized payment method within the EU and a few other European countries. With SEPA Direct Debit, companies can process recurring payments for European consumers and businesses, making it a common way for companies to get paid locally and across borders in Europe.

Accepted in 35 European countries & territories

Cheaper than credit card processing

A payment method loved by consumers

Improve your cashflow. Get paid faster.

Avoid chasing customers for late payments. SEPA Direct Debit is a convenient, pull payment method. Clients provide you with a mandate that allows you to directly charge their bank account as long as you notify them beforehand.

Retain more of your customers.

Up to 30% of your churn may be involuntary resulting in lost revenue. Involuntary churn happens when payments fail and otherwise happy customers lose access to your product or service. Avoid this with SEPA Direct Debits.

Adapt to your market.

SEPA Direct Debit is an increasingly popular payment method with over 21,000 million transactions happening in Europe in 2019 alone. Offering this payment method provides your customers with an automatic way to pay you that does not require their time.

Invoice Payments.

If you are a medium-sized Legal firm, Insurance agency, or a Property Management company, SEPA Direct Debit is an excellent way for your business to collect regular payments from your customers while reducing the probability of late or failed payments.

Subscription Payments.

SEPA Direct Debit fees are lower than credit card processing fees making this an ideal method to use to charge your clients who are subscribed to your service. If you sell packaged services or SaaS products, SEPA Direct Debit is a convenient payment method for your business.


FinXP has been processing SEPA Direct Debit transactions since 2015 and is nowadays an established and trusted service payment service provider with clients from various European countries across several industries. One of the main reasons our clients like the work with us is due to our very competitive transaction fees which are lower than the SEPA-DD charges offered by most banks.

Satisfied Customers

Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer, Board of Directors, Megalon Group

"The Megalon Group AG and especially the Fintech business units of the group have been very satisfied with the cooperation, flexibility and the quality of the service. FinXP have been very professional. Thinking up solutions and opportunities with them has been enjoyable!"

Satisfied Customers

Michael Buchman

Michael Buchman, COO, Omni Matrix Ltd

"We are thoroughly impressed with the level of service and professionalism shown by FinXP. Attentive to details and compliance oriented, they are always at hand to assist. FinXP makes banking enjoyable. We can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone."

Satisfied Customers

Steve Grech

Steve Grech, CEO,

"As the CEO of an EU based Acquirer, it is always comforting to work with partners that are also regulated within the EU. I am proud to have FinXP as one of our trusted partners and look forward to continue building on the existing relationship that is based on mutual trust and professionalism. This results in a mutually beneficial business relationship!"

Satisfied Customers

Manfred Galdes

Manfred Galdes, Managing Partner, ARQ

"ARQ has proudly provided compliance support to FinXP over the past years. We have always been impressed by the professional approach and can-do attitude of all the members of the team."

Satisfied Customers

Dominic Berger

Director, Angel Business Services

“We have had the pleasure of working with FinXP since 2016. We find them to be reliable, solution-oriented & customer-centric. We would not hesitate to recommend them as a payment solutions partner.”

Satisfied Customers

Marc Conway

Marc Conway, Director, 7 Seas Consultants

"Your product set including card acquiring and merchant services plus your IBAN4U propositions, technical support, customer service and positive attitudes really have allowed me and team to complete our work quickly and effectively. Your systems as a whole are extremely easy to learn and teach to my clients."

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