Let us grow together

The Opportunity

FinXP offers an excellent partnership opportunity for corporate service providers, software firms, investors, incubators, consultants and other similar businesses.

By becoming a FinXP referral partner, you can create new, passive streams of revenue for your business. All you need to do is introduce us to companies interested in our payment services and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why choose us?

FinXP referral partners can take advantage of our vast experience and wide range of services. These give us many ways to say “yes” to serving your clients. We have the resources and technical capabilities to provide comprehensive portfolio of payment solutions including:

  • Omni-Channel Payment Gateway with 350+ payment methods
  • Business IBAN Accounts
  • Direct Debit Processing
  • Payments-as-a-Service
  • White Labelled eWallets
  • Bespoke Payment Solutions
  • Payment Consultancy Services

How we're different

Apart from being able to offer a wide-range of payment solutions, we stand out by really giving our clients close attention so they may get the most value from our service.

Our clients come from a range of industries, from low-risk to high-risk, so a high level of careful consideration is consistently maintained as required. You can rest assured that your clients will be taken care of very well.