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Take advantage of our long experience in the Payment industry.

Payments Consulting

We provide small to medium sized businesses with highly regarded expert advice about how best to set up their payment processes and systems for maximum efficiency, for compliance, and for security purposes.

Corporate customers can take advantage of a wide-range of out-of-the box payment solutions that we offer, or they can work with us and our development team to create a bespoke payment solution that is custom-designed to their requirements.

Our service includes working with our senior team members who have a deep experience when it comes to the financial services, technology, igaming, and ecommerce sectors.

White labelled e-Wallets

Our customized e-Wallet provides your business with a White Label solution that creates exciting new multi-channel sales opportunities. This applies for both B2B and B2C businesses.

How Merchants benefit 

  • Increase your sales by offering a wide range of deposit options.
  • Reduce churn by conducting automatic ID checks on your clients within seconds.
  • Improve efficiency by linking your shop system and CRM to our gateway

How Your Clients Benefit

  • Instant credit (via SEPA Instant Payments) enables goods to be dispatched without delay.
  • Easy online and mobile access to the e-wallet.
  • High customer satisfaction rate brought about by a positive user experience.
  • Expand e-Wallet to include clients' IBAN and Bank Accounts.

Key Features

  • Combine your e-wallet with your bank account and IBAN.
  • Instant credit for your incoming payments in your e-wallet.
  • Integrate with your customer loyalty and bonus programmes.
  • Top up your e-wallet using a variety of payment methods.
  • API integration with your payment page for a streamlined and efficient user experience.

Real-Time Payments: An alternative payment method

Enable your customers to pay via their bank accounts. You will receive payments in real-time & enjoy significant cost savings compared to credit card processing fees.

  • Highly secured account-to-account payments.
  • Real-time direct payments (including cross-border payments).
  • No chargebacks & no additional fees.
  • Dedicated full merchant service & settlement by FinXP.
  • High conversion rates compared to other alternative payment methods.
  • Quick & easy integration with your E-Commerce shop.
  • Enhance the user experience by integrating loyalty schemes.

Real Time Payments opens new market opportunities for you. It allows you to reach out for new international clients with a fast-performing payment option.

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